A walking tour round a “Village de caractère”

Welcome in the Ardèche, let yourself be charmed by the beautiful “villages de caractère”. Here, you penetrate the typical Ardèche, raw and bewitching. Turn off your mobile phones … We take you for a fun and playful adventure composed of stages that will lead you to the ardéchois treasures.

  • Day 1: Rally or orienteering / Festive evening

    Rally: Distribution of the road book and quiz to each team. The teams will have to do different workshops: Pétanque, launch of beret (Ardèche welcomes each year the championship of the world), tasting, touching and scent workshop… Be imaginative and take advantage of your journeys between each workshop to create an unusual object with the materials you can find in the village.

    Awarding of prizes to the winning team.

    Option 2: Photos Orienteering in the heart of a “village de caractère”: a friendly crazy adventure during which you will live unforgettable moments! Equipped with map and compass, you will have to discover 10 hidden points near the village. On some of these points you will have to pass trials. Awarded prizes to the winning team.

    Evening in an old renovated ardéchoise farmhouse: dinner in the magnificent vaulted room and dancing animation with a DJ.

  • Day 2: Meeting / The Pont d’Arc Cavern

    Meeting at your accommodation in the morning

    Afternoon: visit of the Pont d’Arc Cavern. To come here is to make the overwhelming discovery of the oldest masterpiece of humanity, 36,000 years old. In the middle of the stalagmites, stalactites and other baroque concretions, the Cavern unfolds its treasure of engravings, paintings and stumps on more than 3000 m².