EVALYS is an independent agency made up of a dynamic and passionate team!

Passionate about travels, discoveries, exchanges, sharing … Simple values ​​which are so essential!

Based in Ardèche and Marseille, we are specialized receptive for these destinations. We also work all over France and abroad.

But who is behind EVALYS?

  • The Evalys team : Marie-Cécile TRUCHET

    Marie-Cécile TRUCHET

    Creator of EVALYS in 2006, she has surrounded over the years a chic and shock team! Today as a “Conductor” she gives the LA with the motto “nothing is impossible!”

  • The Evalys team : Christelle BEAUDUCEL

    Christelle BEAUDUCEL, since 2008

    Numbers again and again for the chief accountant … But not only … she is also there to concoct you beautiful programs and to transmit you her good mood and energy!

  • The Evalys team : Delphine JOUBERT

    Delphine JOUBERT, since 2013

    Attentive to details, Delphine handles your files with a fairy hand! No faults, perfect timings, everything is under control!

  • The Evalys team : Marielle GRAS-BERNARD

    Marielle GRAS-BERNARD, since 2016

    Passionate about India where she regularly put her suitcases when she leaves for a while her Drôme Provençale, she is also our favorite accompanist ! If you travel with her once, you’ll follow her anywhere in the world ! Benevolent and vigilant, always attentive and very caring so that everything goes well !

  • The Evalys team : Xavier RICHARD

    Xavier RICHARD, since 2018

    Our representative EVALYS in the North and in the Paris region. A touch of humor, an unbeatable optimism until to move mountains… With him, your seminar will seem much simpler and more pleasant to organize.