Discover « must-see »

  • Day 1: Neovinum and the “villages de caractère”

    A guided tour of Neovinum.  This museum immerses you into the universe of Ardèche wine. Continuing the tour, you will visit one of the most beautiful villages in the south Ardèche nestling in a cliff hollow which overhangs the river.  After a stroll around this small picturesque village in its magical setting, there will be an “aperitif” on the terrace of a « Bistrot de Pays ».

  • Day 2: Ardèche steam train and Valhrona

    Get on board the Ardèche train which takes you through the gorge of the Doux river.  This feat of engineering takes you along the canyons and crosses the Doux by viaducts and crosses the Mordane hills by a tunnel 265 metres long.

    Next on the agenda, a visit to Valhrona, the “chocolate town”. Everyone can take time to admire, explore, touch, feel and, of course, taste the chocolate.

  • Day 3: The Melvita factory and Orgnac Aven

    The Melvita factory clings to the side of a hill in a beautiful ecological location.  Melvita was one of the first French companies to obtain organic certification and its logo “the heart of nature”.

    Melvita is based in a beautiful ecological location deep in the countryside of southern France, near Lagorce in the Ardèche Gorges. Originally a bee farm the site has been carefully managed as Melvita has grown preserving every aspect of the environment.

    The eco-factory site now covers over 2 hectares and provides a sustainable work place for over 250 local people. In 2009, an ambitious eco-construction project will double its size and capacity. Our eco-factory houses all of our production teams and head office staff.

    The new Melvita eco-factory has everything from solar-voltaic panels to provide sustainable energy for power and water heating, to a living ‘green’ roof helping the site blend into the natural landscape: proof that, even on an industrial scale, we can still work together to look after the planet.

    A guided tour of the Orgnac Aven, a spectacular site.

  • Day 4: The Chestnut Grove Museum and the Chauvet Cave 2

    The Chestnut Grove Museum shows the close links which unified Cevenols to the “Pine trees” during centuries. Thanks to a 400 square metre space of exposition, you will recount the story of the chestnut grove in Ardèche and its culture over seasons.

    A guided tour of the Chauvet Cave 2 : Discover the fabulous bestiary of the Chauvet Cave 2 dating from 36,000 years ago: hundreds of animals drawn on the spot, hunting, running or clashing. It is the largest decorated cavity replica in the world. It restores the 8500 m² of masterpieces of the Chauvet cave on 3000 m² of routes.

  • Day 5: A show about Jean Ferrat

    In an old farm of the Ardèche, you will assist to an original and surprising show!